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Welholme Avenue

Location: Grimsby

Completion: Ongoing

Value: Unknown


The fundamental design principles derived from common architectural features in the buildings that define the Wellow Conservation Area. We produced a photographic study of the locally recognised and formally listed buildings which encapsulated these principles. These were then utilised to create two distinctive house types with a modern interpretation of the local vernacular.


Black stained timber with sections of white render is used as recognition to the groups of Edwardian dwellings in the immediate area. Other features include steep pitched roofs, bay windows, large window sizes, balconies and attic rooms.


5 houses have been arranged around an attractive parking courtyard in the centre of the site, maintaining the rows of existing mature trees to the east and west boundaries. The site is in a high flood risk zone and all habitable rooms are kept above ground floor. The ground floors consist of an integral double garage, utility room and WC and are defined in elevation by a change in material from timber to render and vis versa.

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