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Cox's water tower, Gainsborough

Location: Gainsborough

Stage: Planning Value:  N/A

The proposal includes the redevelopment of a Grade II Listed Water Tower, along with the construction of three large dwellings, one of which will incorporate the tower. 
The plots have been formally orientated along the existing axis of the Water Tower. The linear footprints of the dwellings help to create a clear distinction between public and private aspects of the site. The orientation enables all three plots to benefit from south westerly facing gardens, with large amounts of glazing proposed to maximise the views out. 

The proposal sees the ground floor of the dwellings to be clad with black stained timber, with smooth white render to the upper floors. These materials will be complimented by dark grey powder coated aluminium windows and doors. The red brickwork of the Water Tower will contrast with the white render of the dwellings, ensuring this important building remains the prominent building on the site and retains its distinctiveness.  

Plots 1 and 3 are mirrored dwellings, located either side of the Water Tower. The five bedroom dwellings are well proportioned and offer a high level of accommodation, which all benefit from extensive glazing and sliding doors, along with private terraces and balconies. Plot 2 will link a proposed dwelling with the existing Water Tower, via a small, simple and elegant glazed structure. While some minor internal alterations will be required to facilitate the water tower being used as part of a dwelling, the intrinsic historical and architectural features will be retained. 

The completed scheme is a significant development that provides three new dwellings and the redevelopment of the vacant water tower.

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