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the settlement

Location: Caistor

Completion: April 2011

Value: £225,000

The ‘Old Papershop’, a former newsagents and a Grade II Listed Georgian property, sits in the market square of Caistor, Lincolnshire. It has recently been converted into a bar/ restaurant named The Settlement, a reference to the town’s Roman origins.


Hodson Architects were commissioned to redesign the property and approached the renovation with the dual aim; to provide a contemporary venue, whilst remaining sensitive to the buildings’ Georgian heritage. Their innovative approach was to retain the original cellular room layout of the building and for the restaurant and bar to inhabit the rooms in a ‘loose fit ‘way that showcased the Georgian premises. Embodying this concept is the introduction of a simple glazed roof which links the new extension with the original building. Not only is this a way of creating a light and airy modern space but it enables the user to appreciate the existing building above.


The existing rooms have been retained with little modification. Interventions, such as bar fittings and lighting are minimal and contemporary. The atmosphere alters throughout the building, from the open bay window shop front to the more intimate ‘back of shop’ areas which have become snug bars. There is a classic and elegant a la carte restaurant on the first floor. This diversity encourages the utmost user interaction, and ensures that The Settlement provides a wider service to the community.

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