At happy-hour I order: Cider


Path to architecture: A dream started in Italy and became a reality in the UK   


I love working with clients because: Each involves us in a different story


Quote that guides me right now: We never stop learning something new


I wish I’d designed: Taj Mahal


I’m concerned about: Global Warming


A space that has affected me: Casa da Música

The best gift I ever gave: A surprise birthday party


Dream commission: A project to help those in need


Favourite place: Home


Favourite holiday: Porto

I grew up: Italy


Education: Franklin College, Grimsby & University of Nottingham


Notable Accomplishments/awards: Third best achievers in my school despite language barriers only one year after moving to the UK. 


Why Hodson Architects: I've been warmly welcomed and love the office atmosphere


Favourite space:  Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision


Architect I admire most: Antoni Gaudi


Materials that excite me: Dark bricks and glossy materials


When I’m not working you can find me: Sleeping


Favourite object: Earphones


Ball point or felt tip: Felt tip


Go-to morning drink: Iced coffee or orange juice


Something you might not know about me: I fluently speak four languages


I always look forward to: Food and holidays


I’m drawn to design because: It never fails to leave me amazed


Preferred era in architecture: Gothic


I’m inspired by: Zaha Hadid


Go-to unit of measurement: Metric


On my playlist: A bit of everything


I’m surprisingly good at: Cooking


Earliest architectural memory: Building a wall in year 9 in Italy

I’m my best self when I’m: Smiling

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