Villa Place Site

Completed 2016
Goodwin Development Trust

The brief for the scheme was, “to deliver a sustainable, low cost living home boasting efficiency and value for money in construction, proving that this level of innovative forward thinking development is achievable on ‘a council estate in Hull”

Hodson Architects’ response was a terrace of five houses, each designed to attain Code for Sustainable Homes, Level 5. Each house will be constructed from prefabricated components - four parts for each dwelling. This will reduce construction time and improve efficiency compared to traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ construction. The palette of materials used is limited; each house is clad in coloured ‘Trespa’ panels with punctured openings and aluminium framed triple glazed windows and doors. The four prefabricated components per dwelling are clearly expressed by using a different cladding colour for each part.

Externally, the houses incorporate photovoltaic panels, air source heat pumps, greywater recycling and an eco-garden allowing occupants to grow their own food.

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