Veterans' Village

2017 to present


The Veterans Village will be a self-sustaining community providing transitional housing, training and support for ex-service personnel and their families. It will be a unique place to provide for and empower those individuals that may require help when adjusting to civilian life.With the support of both Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council Hull4Heroes has secured a 23.7 acre site next to Priory Road in Hull, extending into the boundaries of both authorities. The site will be utilised to develop a residential village, training & support facility, and visitors centre. The site’s unique location provides both a tranquil rural environment and established local community, fundamental in aiding a veteran and their families with the transitional journey to civilian life.


By enhancing the existing edge of settlement setting of the site the Veterans Village will provide 48 housing units ranging from single storey lodges for single people and couples, through to 4 bedroom fully accessible traditional housing for families. The traditional housing will also offer the opportunity for shared living providing a support network through mentoring.The housing will incorporate innovative sustainable design features to reduce the cost of construction and maintenance, using technologies that help empower residents and connect them to outside resources. This will provide housing to 100 ex-Service personnel and their families.


Using a wide network of professionals and partners, the Community and Support Hub will assist ex-Service personnel and their families through the transitional journey.The team will assist and empower veterans to identify priority areas for health and well-being, whilst also providing help with practical issues like financial support, relationships and signposting to partner agencies who can work together and develop a pathway to a happier, healthier life. It is a known fact those who serve together, recover better together. The hub will create an environment to assist in providing this support for all, enjoying a sense of fellowship, togetherness and camaraderie.


Few career changes require as much adjustment as that of leaving the military service and returning to a civilian lifestyle. Veterans of the armed forces often find that their life of strict routine and structure bears no resemblance to that of the average UK citizen, and more often that not, that the outside world has moved on significantly since they enlisted.
It is not uncommon for veterans to struggle with transitions and the Village will provide a training environment with a full range of opportunities through a wide network of training providers and partners. The team will assist these highly trained individuals in understanding how their transferable skills can be used and have a positive impact on society.


The concept of a Veterans Village and the successful transitional journey of the veterans on site is dependent on the links and bonds with local residents. The facilities on site have been specifically designed to aid this. The intention is for the Village to be an extension of the existing established community.

Partnerships are key to the charity’s success to date and the design of open space and the facilities on site will enable local and wider community involvement and engagement.
The scheme includes the enhancement of the existing open space, with walled gardens, mature orchards, labyrinth, wild flower meadows and a unique ‘Sky Dome’. The ‘Hub’ will support outdoor sport facilities, indoor fitness rooms and a gymnasium as well as multi-functional areas and social spaces available for use by the community

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