Public Art Projects

North Promenade, Cleethorpes
Completed 2021
North East Lincolnshire Council

We were involved with arts consultants and the local council in finding appropriate artists for 3 public art projects in the North Promenade area of Cleethorpes. The projects are as follows.


Is a major new public artwork by artist Esther Rolinson, comprised of a 500-metre animated light installation that sweeps along the North Promenade in Cleethorpes. The installation was constructed in close collaboration by Esther and the specialist team at The Light Lab and is on permanent display as a hidden contemporary artwork on the east coast of England.

Rolinson developed ‘Luminations’ directly from her drawing series ‘Gravitate’, composed of graphite and ink works on paper – a series of works made spontaneously using a set of construction rules. Inside the drawings shapes build from combinations of curved and straight lines used fluidly to create a sense of ever-expanding forms. Using the ‘kiss me quick’ language of seaside lighting Rolinson has taken the traditional festoon light to euphoric heights. In Luminations, two swooping lines weave in and out of each other suspended from the lamp posts. Their forms loop the loop as light movements chase through them like sprites of wind scudding over sand; bursting out in squally crescendos that fade like that final firework drifting to the ground.

Created as a site-specific installation, visitors to Cleethorpes North Promenade are able to experience this stunning, conceptually evocative lightwork as they walk by the sea or sit looking out over the expansive bay leading out onto the Humber estuary and the North Sea.

Shutter Art

The creation of a distinctive outdoor gallery for when the North Prom is ‘closed’. A collection of artists both internationally renowned and with strong local connections were chosen to provide bold, colourful and thought provoking artwork to many of the business frontages on the promenade. The artwork is printed onto strips of vinyl which are applied to each of the curtain rails.

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