Hydropherapy Pool at Humberston Park Special School

Humberston, Grimsby
Completed 2006
Humberston Park Special School

The pool is located in part of a garden setting on the north side of Humberston Park Special School.  The pool enclosure is close to existing houses and a mature willow tree. A full-scale model of part of the building was erected on site as part of the planning process to allay neighbour concerns. The building is timber framed employing glulam columns and beams with cedar cladding externally and large areas of glazing on the north side to maximise views to the garden without the detrimental effects of glare on the pool surface.  

The new building 'plugs' into the existing fabric of the school, linking directly into the main hall, staff room and existing changing and laundry facilities.  
Hydrotherapy works by using the effects of turbulence, buoyancy and warmth to reduce the levels of pain, spasm and discomfort, often brought about by exercising on land and the project has to be seen as a vital piece of equipment giving some children their only opportunity for unrestricted movement rather than a leisure/ sporting facility.
The pool will be used by pupils during school hours and by other groups representing people with disabilities at other times.

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