Hugh Webster Site

Completed 2018
Goodwin Development Trust

Having designed and built 5 HCA (Homes and Communities Agency) funded houses for Goodwin Development Trust on the Thornton Estate in 2015 we were approached to develop a larger scheme in November 2016. The scheme of 41 dwellings (23 flats, both 1 and 2 bed, and 18 3 bed houses) is based on the site of the former Goodwin HQ. All of the flats and houses exceed the required HCA space standards.

Peter McGurn, the trust's chief executive, said: "The new homes will provide affordable, quality family housing."

He said some of the properties would be made available for people currently on the city council's housing waiting list .

"They will be entirely social housing with affordable rents and a low-energy footprint," he said. "It is probably one of the best things the trust has ever been involved with."

The scheme uses ‘off site’ timber framed construction sat on a masonary plinth which raises the accommodation above the flood risk level. The development has a stepped profile rising from 2 to 4 storeys form the south to the north, this allows daylight to penetrate all of the accommodation, private gardens and a central shared food growing courtyard.

The ground floor level is wrapped in black stained timber which is continuous and forms both the boundary fences and storage sheds. Upper levels are clad with Trespa panels in 17 complimentary colours. Joints between the panels are used to clearly express and define separating floors and walls, subtly expressing the make up of the dwellings and how they were built.

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