Franklin College Fine Art and Photography Department

Completed 2007
Franklin Sixth Form College

The scheme comprises of two main elements set as timber clad boxes with masonry walls internally with large glazed openings, solar shading and timber terraces to the west. These two components are linked by the third element, an elevated, wedge-shaped roof cantilevered over a glazed lobby, forming the facility’s main entrance and exhibition space and further enforcing an existing route between the buildings to the playing field beyond. By splitting the scheme in two, we have reduced the amount of ‘corridor’ space required, whilst retaining potential for first floor expansion space the photography suite.

The Fine Art element ‘book-ends’ the design with a raised parapet wall. Thermal performance internally is optimised by employing an efficient underfloor heating system coupled with a high level of insulation and  thermal mass offered by masonry walls and a concrete floor.

The building is naturally ventilated using a passive stack approach, fresh air enters through low level windows circulating through the classrooms before exhausting through high-level roof light vents in the exhibition corridors.

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