Café Dansant

Private Client

The scheme is for an extension to an existing kiosk in a prominent position along Cleethorpes Promenade. This area was historically a popular corner for music and dance venues in the early 1900’s, including the original Cafe Dansant. The extension allows an increased level of service and will revive the historic use of the site as a dance and music venue.

​The proposal is modern but adheres to fundamental principles of form and scale from the local area and the promenade. The buildings envelope is designed primarily to allow for views into the courtyard and over the estuary. Glazed bi-folding doors span the full length of the southern elevations which open up the inside spaces to the courtyard.

​Metal standing seam roofs are a character of the nearby Central Seafront Conservation Area and is utilised for the extension. The building is clad in charred black timber. The charring is a natural and non-toxic way to preserve the wood and protects the timber from UV, bug/pests and most importantly, weathering, a key material property for buildings in a seaside location. The timber is maintenance free and gives the building a distinctive facade. The cladding will also wrap around the existing building as a simple method of unifying new and existing buildings.

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