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Our aim is to provide sustainable solutions considering space, material and light.


Hodson Architects was formed in 1992 and as the workload has increased and diversified a consistency of quality has been maintained.


The approach adopted by the practice aims to provide poetic solutions through detailed pragmatic study. Emphasis is placed on successfully reconciling the demands of brief, site, context and sustainability.


Successful projects are inevitably a multi-disciplinary process and our approach is founded on:


  • creative design – any scheme should provide distinctive, memorable spaces

  • leadership – we recognise that the architect has a critical role in ensuring that the project is delivered within budget, on time and in     accordance with the clients aspirations.

  • a flexible design process – integrating creative input from the consultants appointed to work on the project.

  • teamwork – the client is an integral part of the design team, moreover we are committed to identifying and involving the wider network of        local organisations and individuals with the potential to offer constructive comment – so that the scheme benefits from the available            expertise.

  • appropriate presentation – drawings and reports need to convey the spirit of the scheme clearly and succinctly. Wherever possible we like to develop the building and/or design with our clients using models, drawings and computer aided design facilities to explore, develop and explain the projects.


We place great emphasis on working closely with contractors and craftsmen in an effort to maintain the architectural quality of the works on site. The practice is also noted for its economic methods of construction and diverse but appropriate use of materials. These are developed through our small but significant research and development studies which include full-scale modelling.


The practice seeks to maintain a broad project base with experience in both public and private sectors. Many projects have dealt with the re-working of listed buildings, whilst other schemes have centred on developing appropriate uses for redundant buildings which do not enjoy the benefits of Listed Building status or desirable location. We have an understanding of potential funding streams and the ability to assist in creating workable funding frameworks on behalf of the client.


Having work published and receiving awards is very satisfying, but the true test of any of our work is the positive reaction of both the client and the end user. Above all we aim to provide a professional, cost effective and efficient service which fulfils the design potential of each project.

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