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Housing Development, Murfin Court, Cleethorpes

Location: Cleethorpes

Completion: February 2014

Value: £1,200,000

The design has been directly informed by the existing terraced pattern of development on Grimsby Road. In essence the scheme is a ‘U shape’ development with two rows of houses parallel to Grimsby Road with a ‘spine’ building of flats and houses running perpendicular against the southwest boundary of the site. The framed space at the heart of the development provides an attractive parking court with associated landscaping.

The size of the houses is informed by neighbouring houses which are similar in footprint and scale, each with pitched roofs. New roofs are turned through 90 degrees to create a ‘saw tooth’ pattern of gables fronting onto Grimsby Road.
The building was shortlisted for an LABC Building Excellence Award 2016.

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