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Path to architecture: Very fortuitous and inevitable. Hull School of Architecture…full of mavericks, misfits and wildly exotic people.


I love working with clients because: It’s a challenge


Quote that guides me right now: ‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down’ or ‘people make places’.


I wish I’d designed: The Centre for British Art, Yale University


I’m concerned about: The future of my town and the north of England.


A space that has affected me: The inside of a police cell.


The best gift I ever gave: All of my daughters have a sense of humour…I think that’s largely down to me.



I grew up: in Grimsby


Education: Local comprehensive and 6th form in Grimsby

Unbeaten for 2 seasons with Barbarians FC including two cup finals played at Blundell Park…oh, and a few architectural awards.


Why Hodson Architects: I always wanted to have my own small practice.


Favourite space: The garden


Architect I admire most: Glenn Murcutt


Materials that excite me: Timber and bricks


When I’m not working you can find me: Out running


Favourite object: Caran D’ache coloured pencils


Ball point or felt tip: FELT TIP!


Go-to morning drink: Coffee


Something you might not know about me: I’m really good at impersonating people.


I always look forward to: 3pm on a Saturday


I’m drawn to design because: I can’t do anything else


Preferred era in architecture: 1950’s and 60’s


I’m inspired by: Everyday folk.


Go-to unit of measurement: Millimetres…although I’m comfortable with feet and inches too.


On my playlist: wide range…Bon Iver to the Sleaford Mods.


I’m surprisingly good at: Making people smile


Earliest architectural memory: Grimsby Central Library…still my favourite building


At happy-hour I order: Guinness.


Favourite place: The studio.


Favourite holiday: France with the kids.


I chose Cleethorpes because: It’s my home town and that means a lot to me.


I’m my best self when I’m: Laughing

Dream commission: Anything that responds to an evident need, clearly improves someone’s environment and is useful.

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