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Immage 2000 Studios, Immingham

Completion: November 1996

Value: £750,000

The centre, which was partially funded by European Union and National Lottery grants, provides television and video production equipment, a sound studio, television conference facilities and a learning resource centre.

The main public foyer is used as a holding area and is deliberately isolated from both the first floor and the ‘guts’ of the building on the ground floor.
The activities and requirements of the studio are necessarily fluid and evolving, the design is therefore a looser-fitting arrangement in some areas allowing for change, flexibility and extendability overtime.

The extension is a relatively simple framed structure reliant on a flitched support beam and secondary universal steel beams to create a clear double height foyer space. The roof has deep overhangs to protect the skin of the building and a simple folded form to enable rainwater to discharge more efficiently.

The project won the Civic Trust Awards Commendation in 1999.

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