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Housing Development, Humberston, Grimsby

Location: Humberston

Completion: Unknown

Hodson Architects were appointed by a private client to undertake a feasibility study exploring the potential for housing on a site off Humberston Avenue, Grimsby. The project involves preparation of an Outline Planning Application for approximately 400 dwellings on a 60 acre site. 

The site is located to the south side of Humberston Avenue, with the golf course to the west. Open countryside bounds the site to the south and east, and the gardens to the houses on Humberston Avenue to the north. 

The scheme proposes a mixture of detached houses, semidetached houses, townhouses and bungalows. A community use is proposed to the east of the site, which will be discussed and agreed with the local residents.

The scheme incorporates courtyard developments, where private gardens open onto a shared court, which can be used as allotments, play etc. Existing landscape features have been retained as part of the proposals. The client has also planted hundreds of trees and formed two large lakes.

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