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gemma mCARDLE

I grew up: In Grimsby


Education: Hereford Technology School, A Levels at Franklin College followed by an Accountancy & Finance degree at Canterbury University.


Notable Accomplishments/awards: Running the Berlin Marathon in 2015


Why Hodson Architects: It was my first job following

university and I really quite like it here… I’ve been here 12 years now and have had some really interesting projects along the way and I feel privileged to have seen some of them become realised. 


Favourite space: My spot under the trees in my little garden.


Architect I admire most: ermmmmm Louise….. Does that count?




A space that has affected me: The Jewish Museum in Berlin.


The best gift I ever gave: I’d made myself.


Favourite place: The beach, any beach


Favourite holiday: Venice


I’m my best self when I’m: with my family.


Favourite object: My record player and my dremel.


Ball point or felt tip: Ball point


Go-to morning drink: A nice cuppa or a frothy coffee at the weekends. 


Something you might not know about me: I like to work with silver and make my own jewellery


I always look forward to: Planning my next little adventure with the fam.


Go-to unit of measurement: Metric


On my playlist: You’ll find all sorts


I’m surprisingly good at: Running, even with my little legs, and surpassing the little goals I give myself. 


At happy-hour I order: Wine


I love working with clients because: Each one is different, with different ideas and visions for their project. I really enjoy my colleagues taking these ideas and transferring them onto paper.


Materials that excite me: Not exactly architectural but I love sparkly gemstones, especially the colourful flashes you can see in an Australian opal.

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