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frances hODSON

The best gift I ever gave:  I bought my mum a frying pan – I’m all about practicality


Dream commission: A Public Art project in my hometown


Favourite place: Copenhagen


Favourite holiday: Road-trip to the South of France in 2018

I’m my best self when I’m: Baking

Earliest architectural memory: Duplo and Lego bricks


At happy-hour I order: A cosmopolitan

Path to architecture: There wasn’t one, although I was nearly convinced to take it


I love working with clients because: they offer alternative viewpoints


Quote that guides me right now: Form follows function


I wish I’d designed: Tilted Arc by Richard Serra


I’m concerned about: Unrecyclable plastics and what we’re going to do about them  


A space that has affected me:  Moor Street Substation, Sheffield


I grew up: In Lincolnshire


Education: BA Hons Fine Art at Sheffield Institute of Arts; MA Arts and Cultural Management, Sheffield Hallam University


Notable Accomplishments/awards: I was awarded The Janet Parry Bursary award for the demonstration of great potential and commitment to career development as an artist at the end of my degree


Why Hodson Architects: because of the exciting jobs and projects


Favourite space: Outdoors


Architect I admire most: Charles Rennie Mackintosh


Materials that excite me: Pen and Paper, and yellow paint


When I’m not working you can find me: In my studio


Favourite object: A sphere


Ball point or felt tip: Ball Point


Go-to morning drink: Tea, milk, one sugar


Something you might not know about me: I was making Sunday roasts for 6 people aged 10


I always look forward to: Fika Friday in the office


I’m drawn to design because: It solves problems whilst being inventive


Preferred era in architecture: Victorian


I’m inspired by: Mundane objects that serve a purpose


Go-to unit of measurement: Centimetres


On my playlist: Anything from Radiohead to Drake


I’m surprisingly good at: Drawing tiny circles



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