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Former Newland Avenue School

Location: Hull

Completion: May 2019

Value: Unknown


The former Newland Avenue School was built in the early 1900’s and consists of 3 large structures. The site and buildings are virtually unaltered and have retained their original features such as the large glazed windows, pitched slate roofs, tall open spaces, playing field and the boundary wall. The buildings still remain a valuable example of Victorian architecture and have been described as some of the best still left in Hull by architectural guides.


The proposal is fully residential and the priority with this site is to preserve the original school buildings and boundary wall. The internal configuration of the original classrooms is utilised to divide the buildings into multiple flats on all floors including the available roof space.


Eight new build townhouses are proposed within the site. The arrangement has been directly informed by the existing pattern of development on Reynoldson Street and Marshall Street,  boldly following the existing terrace line and creating an attractive communal garden within the centre of the site. The aesthetic characteristics of the townhouses are supported by the surrounding houses, drawing key features such as pitched roofs, recessed openings and white brick details.

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