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eating disorders unit

Client:         NAVIGO
Location:    Grimsby
Value:        £3,000,000

NAVIGO provides an eating disorder service through multi-disciplinary and comprehensive provision to individuals suffering from complex eating disorders that require the assistance and support of a specialist service. 

The proposal is for a new build facility on the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital site. The building provide 10 purpose built bedrooms for adults over the age of 18. A further 8 bedrooms are proposed for clients under the age of 18; these will be more flexible, enabling treatment of mental health as necessary.

The building will provide cooking and dining facilities, therapy rooms as well as provision for the medical care required by the clients to aid treatment. A key requirement of the building is that it should have a ‘homely’ feel; The building is accessed via an enclosed courtyard and it’s appearance is consciously distinct from the neighbouring hospital buildings; whilst sharing the site it is important that the unit is not perceived to be part of the hospital.

The buildings are arranged in an ‘L-shape’ configuration in response to site constraints. The building is made up of a series of simple ’barn-like’ structures with narrow plans and steeply pitched aluminium roofs, giving a domestic appearance.


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