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Central Hall, Keighley

Location: Keighley

Completion: January 2011

Value:  £1,500,000

Central Hall, located to the north of Alice Street is one of Keighley’s high quality historic buildings and falls within the arts and leisure focus of Keighley’s masterplan.

Our proposal uses the building to house Keighley’s voluntary services and community organisations including start-up business units. The facilities will be available to the community and includes exhibition space, cafe, meeting rooms and large hall for events. 

The re-use of a vacant building, through refurbishment and appropriate additions, is a fundamental sustainable approach. The building utilises an integral environmental strategy, utilising high level cross ventilation, passive solar gain, replacement windows, high levels of thermal insulation and heavy thermal mass. 

The project was recognised nationally and was shortlisted for the following awards:
3R Awards - Public Sector Buildings RIBA Northern Network Awards 2011

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